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General Schedule

2020 General Schedule (GS) Locality Pay Tables. For more information about the structure of the XML files available below, please see the Data Dictionary

Actived: Thursday Apr 2, 2020

URL: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/pay-leave/salaries-wages/2020/general-schedule/


coupons are not cash equivalents because of the very limited way in which they must be redeemed. In this example, since the item the coupon will redeem is of de minimis value, you do not need to withhold tax or report it as a taxable fringe benefit assuming you provide the benefit infrequently, e.g., once a year.

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The OPM Director's Blog

We know from OPM’s research that Federal employees are well educated and many hold multiple college and university degrees. They love to learn and often don’t consider their educations complete just because they work for the Federal Government.

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RI 20-97: Estimated Earnings During Military Service

Estimated Earnings During Military Service RI 20-97 Revised October 2019 Previous editions are not usable. United States . Office of Personnel Management

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Health Insurance Overview - United States Office of

HEALTH INSURANCE The Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program Unexpected accidents and illnesses can be expensive. Even routine doctor visits and prescriptions can add up.

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Information for Charities

Welcome to opm.gov. CFC Charities are organizations with status as tax-exempt charities as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, under 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code, that provide health and human services and are determined to be eligible for participation in the CFC.

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Humana Health Plan of Texas, Inc. - United States Office

The site also has video and audio health libraries, discounts and coupons for health-related programs. MyHumana(Humana. com) You may receive messages by phone, mail or e-mail on topics such as mammograms, immunizations, and more. Wellness Reminders 2018 Humana Health Plan of Texas, Inc. 57 High, Standard and Basic Option Section 5(h)

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The Federal Employees

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and Medicare - Working Together for You! As an active or retired Federal employee covered by both the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB)

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Welcome to opm.gov. Dental & Vision FEDVIP Plan Comparison Tool. Our tool allows you to identify the FEDVIP plans available to you and creates a comparison list showing the most popular items people consider when shopping for dental or vision insurance.

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Medicare vs FEHB Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare vs FEHB Enrollment. As an active or retired Federal employee covered by both the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program and Medicare, you probably have had questions from time to time about how the two programs work together to provide you with your health benefits coverage.

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